An OT CPD Activity A Day – Preorder Your Creative CPD Journal Now

An OT CPD Activity A Day by Kirsty Stanley is a Creative CPD Journal for occupational therapists to use to: re-invigorate their Continuing Professional Development, try a range of creative methods of reflection, reconnect with the philosophy of our wonderful profession, imagine its future, and to explore their own occupational wellbeing.

The 366 activities included are not dated so they can be completed in any order, and started on any day of any year. If you do join me in using the journal in 2021 share your activities with everyone on social media using #OTCPD21.

From clinical reasoning to your favourite occupation, anti-racist practice to risk management, reflective art and poetry to basket weaving. There will be something in here to spark new insights in even the most experienced of OTs. You can see some example pages here:

Cover Image

Kirsty Stanley, via Occupation4Life Ltd, will be writing and designing this journal which will be shipped worldwide in December 2020. Books will be square coil bound 210x210cm with matte cover. Pages will be mostly black and white with some colour inserts.

The journal is priced at £20 (£25 inc UK P&P, £35 inc International P&P). Use my Paypal me link to pay the relevant amount. Accessible e-book version can also be made available for those who need it in a non printed format. Email me for details.

Preorders will close on 20th November 2020 after which you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your shipping address. I cannot guarantee a reprint or stock after this date. It will depend entirely on demand.

For combined shipping on multiple orders for teams contact me via for a quote. I’m based in Dorset so can deliver within the county for free.

Image of example pages
Example Pages

3 thoughts on “An OT CPD Activity A Day – Preorder Your Creative CPD Journal Now

  1. Hi there, as a third year OT student I would very much like to order one of these. Do I pay now or when the ordering has closed?

  2. […] OT Activity a Day Journal I came across this journal on Twitter and enjoyed the concept of writing everyday for one year–even if it is a leap year! I liked the prompts that promote reflection in one’s everyday life and ultimately occupational therapy practice.  Some of the prompts are also not therapist specific. So, they can also be used in practice to open a line of communication with a client.  I think investing in this journal is in my future. […]

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