Occupational Therapy Mentoring

Occupational Therapy Mentoring (one person helping another up)

Are you a relatively newly qualified Occupational Therapist working independently or as a lone OT practitioner?

Working in a non traditional role and want to keep occupation at the core of your practice?

Need advice on return to practice?

Want to make your CPD more varied and fun, or have you been called for HCPC audit and want advice?

Have your first interview in a while and want practice and feedback on applications or interview skills?

Benefit from long arm/ distance supervision with a therapist with 20+ years experience including as a lecturer.

Video/ telephone/face-to-face mentoring dependent on location.

OOTS – Outstanding OT Students

Are you an Occupational Therapy student in the U.K. or Ireland? Want to make the most of your education, get great results, and manage your stress whilst doing it?

OOTS – Outstanding OT Students is a private Facebook support group run by a qualified and registered occupational therapist with over 20 years experience including 8 years in academia as an OT lecturer and admissions tutor at Bournemouth University. Kirsty Stanley was also one of the founding members of #OTalk – the first twitter chat for OTs and is passionate about creativity in CPD.

OOTS can help you to:

  • Understand assignment questions and intended learning outcomes.
  • Make sense of assignment feedback in order to make improvements on your next piece of work.
  • Craft excellent essays.
  • Give confident presentations.
  • Critically analyse research.
  • Learn how to find and use the best resources.
  • Get to grips with referencing.
  • Get a head start with and be creative with your CPD (Continuing Professional Development).
  • Understand the difference between reflection and academic reflection.
  • Develop critical thinking skills through questioning.
  • Enhance your clinical reasoning.
  • Get the most from your practice placement.
  • Complete job applications.
  • Interview with confidence.
  • Manage your stress and maintain your occupational balance whilst studying.

This will be achieved by provision of education and resources (using the group Units feature), regular response to your posts and queries, and use of the Facebook live feature to provide a minimum of twice monthly Q&A sessions.

To join OOTS the Standard Prices are:

£150 for the duration of your degree (typically 3 years but if you do take a break or need to repeat you will retain access until you have finished) (Paid in full).

Or £60 per year (can be paid in instalments).

Please note that once you have accessed the group your fee is non refundable.

All memberships also come with a 10% discount on my standard prices for more individualised academic writing support, and mentoring (if required). OOTS uses a social learning model and this means I will not write people’s assignments for them and will monitor the group for inappropriate use but I can proofread and give feedback on assignments (individual service provided at an additional cost).

Any questions do send me an email to occupation4life@gmail.com or if you are ready to sign up and become an Outstanding Student send your payment via this link http://paypal.me/occupation4life remembering to give me your email address so that I can add you into the Facebook group.

Happy studying!

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