#LongCovid – Recognition and Recovery

As an Independent Occupational Therapist I am offering a range of services to meet individual budgets – and all available now – if you are finding it difficult to get NHS support at this challenging time. Getting on the right road to recovery early on will enable you to reach your destination sooner. Follow the quick links for more detail on the services I am offering and then complete the contact form to arrange your free 15 minute consultation.

As an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience in a range of areas, including Neurology, and with personal lived experience of long term health conditions and fatigue, I believe I am in a unique position to support those experiencing what is being termed Long Covid. Both people who were and were not hospitalised due to Covid-19 (and even those who have never had a positive test due to testing shortages at the beginning of the pandemic), have reported a variety of symptoms from fatigue and brain fog, to breathing dfficulties, pain and more, and this has led to difficulties living their everyday lives, from going back to work, to parenting, to managing their own self care.

I do not need you to have a confirmed diagnosis because I will look at the impact of the symptoms on your life, and help you to build in strategies and routines that will support you in your recovery. My last NHS role was as an Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Occupational Therapist where I supported people primarily with issues around fatigue, work and cogntition (such as memory and thinking). I will be providing all input virtually, via zoom (or equivalent).

Living with Long Covid – Free Facebook Support Group

This is a free private facebook group where I will be running fortnightly Facebook lives with a particular focus on general occupational therapy and fatigue mangement principles. I will also be adding a pool of resources for you to use to self-manage your condition, including guidance on applying for relevant benefits. The two main resources you can also download for free here. Resource Book and Energy Measure.

I will not be able to provide individualised support without assessment, and this group is only available to people in the U.K. If you find the group helpful, and are in a position to, donate to support my time using the Paypal.Me link and include the reference LCOTFSG. There is however, no obligation to do this.

Living with Long Covid Facebook Group Link

Holistic Occupational Therapy Assessment, Goal Setting and 5 Hours of Individualised Fatigue Management Sessions (Fixed Fee – £500)

For those who would benefit from more individualised support and input I am offering a comprehensive and holistic occupational therapy assessment (which may take one or more sessions), goal setting and 5 hours of follow up for a fixed price of £500.

Are you feeling frustrated wtih feeling fatigued? Struggling to accept your new “normal”? Is fighting through making things worse?

I can help you to:

  • accomodate fatigue
  • adapt your environment
  • advocate for your needs
  • focus on what’s important
  • find balance

AHP Health and Work Report/Advice and Support on Return to/Remaining in Work and Reasonable Adjustments (Fixed Fee – £600)

For people aiming to return to work, or back at work and struggling with Long Covid (this service can be self or employer funded).

This will usually take the form of:

A one to one assessment with the employee which may include virtual observation of the working environment.

A group meeting with the employee, line manager and HR as required to discuss requirements and recommendations.

A personalised and practical return to/remain in work plan and completed AHP Health and Work Report (can be used to supplement a GP Fit to Work form – see https://www.rcot.co.uk/practice-resources/standards-and-ethics/ahp-health-and-work-report).

At least two review sessions, and email support for the employee and employer for a period of 6 months.

The individual with long covid would also be advised to join the facebook support group.

Alternatively my Standard Assesment Fee is £250 and Hourly Rate for Follow Up Sessions for Self-Funded Clients is £70.

Expert Witness Assessment and Report (£1500)

For solicitors seeking court compliant reports on the impact of Long Covid on claimees I can provide holistic occupational therapy assessment and the resulting court compliant report for a fixed fee (additional costs will be incurred for discussion with other witnesses, reassessment, court attendance, etc). This fee includes reading the bundle, virtual assessment with the client/family/employer, and a report based on your instructions. (Nb: I am in the process of completing the Cardiff University Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate).

If you are interested in finding out more then please fill out the contact form here and we can arrange your free 15 minute call/video call to discuss your needs and for you to identify if I am the right person to support you at this challenging time.

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