Occupation4Life Ltd – Mission Statement/Ethos

My mission for Occupation4Life Ltd is to keep occupation at the core of everything I do, and to promote the skills of occupational therapists and the power of occupation whilst doing so.

My aim, for the services I provide, are for them to support my clients – whether they are occupational therapists, individuals or larger populations – to achieve the things they want, need or are expected to do. Goals set together will be occupation focused and SMART. Clients will be respected partners in the services provided. I will tailor both the assessment and any ongoing intervention to you by maintaining access to a wide range of tools. Throughout the partnership I will happily discuss any concerns and work on creating a positive professional/therapeutic relationship with you. Occupation happens 24/7 so I am happy to consider weekday, evening or weekend appointments dependent on availability. Sleep is an important occupation too so 3am is likely to be off the table though. (Please also note that due to my own health needs I am only offering virtual assessment and intervention at this time).

You will receive a copy of all records I hold on you (which will adhere to GDPR). I will respect confidentiality and only share information with others where I have received your permission to do so or if there is risk to the safety or yourself or others.

I will be upfront about cost of intervention, and am happy to offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation for people to assess whether I will be a good fit to work with them. I will not accept work that I feel is outside of my abilities. For example I am not qualified to complete sensory integration assessments or interventions.

Occupation Gives You Wings Logo ( 2 butterflies)

Some of the services I provide may also be available through local NHS or social care. My aim is not to replace these services but to work alongside them offering additional support to those that wish to purchase it, e.g. to avoid waiting lists or to continue to work towards goals over a longer period. You may be able to fund my services via private healthcare insurance, via charitable funding or via employers/education provision.

My personal values of humanism, authenticity, honesty, equity, enablement and creativity will guide the services provided, alongside adherence to my professional codes of conduct and practice. I will hold appropriate indemnity insurance and professional registrations.

My passion for learning and continuing professional development will drive me to maintain and develop new knowledge and skills, and to innovate to keep Occupation4Life current in our ever changing world.

For me, writing is one of the main meaningful occupations that I participate in and that is why I am additionally offering writing services. Occupational Variety after is, after all, the spice of life and…

Occupation Gives You Wings!

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