Creative Writing

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Creative Writing Pieces

Want to add a fictional or poetic elements to your marketing. Contact me and see if we can use the power of story or the rhythm of poetry to sell your product.

Creative Writing Tutoring

Are you a budding author – short story, play, poetry or novel writer? But, don’t know where to start and the the thought of going to a group fills you with dread. I can provide one on one introductory sessions and feedback.


Have some writing that you want some feedback on or need proofreading, a fresh pair of eyes can pick up errors you might not. We tend to read what we think we wrote (me too).

Blog/social media set up

Want support to start a blog – I can look at the technical side and the creative content side with you. I’m also happy to work with people to make better use of social media.

I am a book blogger and read approximately 150 books a year. Additionally I have studied creative writing with the open university.