School Based Assessment/Support

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Does your child struggle at school, either academically, physically, emotionally or socially?

I can help them develop appropriate strategies and skills and will provide a strengths based approach.

I can also assess and provide a report to support a needs assessment or meet with educators to offer advice on adjustments.

Your child does not have to have a confirmed diagnosis for me to work with them because I can complete observational assessments and work with the challenges, and strengths that we find.

Following assessment we will set goals jointly – with your child, you and the school – all an integral part of the process. Did you know that what children think is important can differ from what adults think they need? Often negotiated priorities that meet all perspectives can be the key to motivation. So I can design fun and engaging sessions where they can work on skills needed without it seeming like work at all.

Contact me for a free 15 minute telephone consultation to find out more.