Fatigue Management

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Do you struggle with Fatigue, with a capital F. Not merely feeling tired but an overwhelming exhaustion that interferes with your daily life?

I have experience working with people with a range of health conditions that have Fatigue as a main symptom, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Stroke and I am also aware that this is prevalent in other conditions such as Cancer, post viral, chronic fatigue syndrome and many more.

FACETS trained (Fatigue: Applying Cognitive behavioural and Energy effectiveness Techniques to lifeStyle). I could run groups for 6-8 or explore the concepts with people individually.

Work with me to educate yourself on fatigue, to assess its causes and impacts and to work out how to live with it, rather than to fight it.

Try my 15 minute free telephone consultation to see if I could help you.