Personal Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Personal Health and Wellbeing Coordinator logo  (person juggling)

Do you, or a member of your family have complex health and wellbeing needs? Do these feel like a full time job to take care of?

I can offer a bespoke co-ordination service that takes away some of that burden and includes some or all of the following:

Holistic baseline assessment.

Client-held care record (digital and/or print).

Weekly or Monthly face-to-face/ telephone/videocall or email reviews.

Coordination and communication with other services (NHS and Private). Advocacy through attendance at select health and wellbeing appointments.

Heath Literacy (education on your condition and medical terminology).

Carer support.

Paid-Carer recruitment and training.

Applying for relevant benefits.

Do take advantage of my free 15 minute telephone consultation service to see if this might be relevant service for you.