#LongCovid and Schools: Training

Managing Education to support Children with Long Covid

Adapting Occupations and Environment

Kirsty Stanley
Independent Occupational Therapist

A growing number of children are experiencing what is being termed Long Covid, a varied presentation of multiple symptoms including breathlessness, fatigue, brain fog, pain and mobility difficulties, amongst others. Access to specific health care pathways has been varied and the lack of confirmatory testing at the beginning of the pandemic has led to a number of these children, and their families, being disbelieved.

This training will enable schools to take a proactive and flexible approach to adapting school and home based educational occupations and environments in order to accommodate good fatigue management principles. This will allow children, regardless of diagnosis to participate in their education to the best of their ability.

This cost effective 2hr training session will be delivered via zoom using interactive delivery methods and case study problem solving examples. Training sessions will be limited to 9 participants to allow small group and participant focused working.

Who Should Attend
Teachers or School Support Staff with an interest in becoming the Long Covid champion in their organisation.

£50 per participant (£40 if attending based on a referral from a family from the Long Covid Kids Support Group). The training session total time will be 2hrs 15 which includes a 15 minute break. Additionally participants will be invited to access general group based support and advice (via an agreed platform) for a period of at least 6 months.

Email me on the address below to express an interest and book a suitable date.