ELMS (Embracing Living with Multiple Sclerosis)

ELMS Logo (Embracing Loving with Multiple Sclerosis)


Embracing Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Are you based in the U.K.? Do you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? Coming to terms with a new diagnosis? Struggling with Fatigue? Finding it difficult to balance work, family, a social life, and to find time and energy for you?

ELMS is a new private Facebook support group run by a qualified and registered occupational therapist with specialist experience in multiple sclerosis (including fatigue management and employment support).

ELMS can help you to:

understand medical terminology

plan your daily and weekly routines

get better sleep

manage your fatigue

do what you need to, want to and have to do.

feel better able to express your needs

ask for reasonable adjustments at work

embrace living with multiple sclerosis

find support from people just like you!

This will be achieved by provision of education and resources, regular response to your posts and queries, and use of the Facebook live feature to provide a minimum of monthly Q&A sessions.

To join ELMS a one off payment of £100 provides a minimum of 24 months access to the group (although you will maintain access for as long as it runs). This is under £5 a month for ongoing support from an MS specialist occupational therapist.

To make sure this will be the right thing for you I even offer my 15 minute free telephone consultation before you buy. Use the contact form to send me a message today.

There may be some input that requires a more detailed and individualised assessment. The group provides more general ongoing and everyday support.

I can also see people with Multiple Sclerosis based in Dorset, and the surrounding areas, individually for full assessments of activities of daily living, fatigue management, work support, etc. I can provide weekday, evening and weekend appointments.

If you are further afield I can also, in some cases, provide Skype or telephone assessments and input.

ELMS members will receive a discount on my standard rates for individual work.